30 years ago, my South African mum married my English dad and a few years later I was born in London. I lived in the US, Singapore, England, Canada, Scotland and Costa Rica. I’m a third culture kid, which means that I grew up in a culture that wasn’t either of my parents’ and blended the cultures of the places I lived to create my own way of living. And spelling. In my writing you’ll find flavours and flavors, favourites and colors, centers and centres.

After three years of baking and cake decorating in Costa Rica, I have just moved to Los Angeles. While I wait for my work permit, I enjoy spending most of my free time in the kitchen, experimenting with the new ingredients and equipment I now have access to. I love cooking with fresh ingredients, making recipes from scratch instead of packets, and blending flavours and cooking techniques from different countries.

Look around, try out some recipes, and let me know what you think!